Challenging and empowering you to live your dreams

South Wales Coaching provides a confidential and challenging coaching service.  Focused on helping you deliver truly outstanding results.

South Wales Coaching provides:

Business Coaching
Life Coaching

Our process


The first step of our process is to listen and fully understand your circumstances and requirements


Our 2nd step is to challenge you to reach your potential.  We do this by helping you maximise your skills and resources.


Our 3rd step is to hold you accountable for your actions and support you in achieving your dreams.

More about South Wales Coaching

  • Latest Coaching Techniques

    All our coaches use the latest coaching techniques.  Using information technology to help improve engagement throughout the coaching relationship

  • Personal Development

    All our coaches are committed to their own personal development, engaging in supervision and peer to peer support.

  • Location

    South Wales Coaching is based just outside Cardiff, South Wales.  But the help of technology we are able to offer our services globally.

  • Return On Investment

    Our coaching will filter through your business or personal development, enabling you to enforce your commitment to continued growth and success

How to interact with us

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